About me

This is who I am and what I do.

Hi ! I am Julien Stroheker and I am working at Microsoft as a Technical Evangelist on DevOps

I like talking and sharing about how Dev and Ops can be better together and work as a strong team.

From a Ops background profile, I am trying to become a better developper to have an through understanding about this DevOps thing.

On this challenging journey, I am learning all these new cool things like, Javascript / NodeJs and Python as well as MongoDB for example...

I aim to share my personal and professional thoughts in this blog. All posts here are my personal opinion, and do not reprensent Microsoft.

And BTW, "Je suis Fran├žais" and I am trying to improve my English everyday, so you might see a lot of grammatical errors, if so, do not hesitate to reach me and help me rectify my mistake(s) :)